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Hi, I'm Felicity. Some people call me Flic. Having two names can be confusing, but it keeps me out of trouble. 

I am guide, writer, performer and heritage facilitator. Yes, that is a lot of things to be. But they all have one thing in common. Stories. 

London is a jam packed with the juiciest tales and stories. They can be found in a simple street name, at a tube stop, in a pint of ale, as well as in its collection of historical buildings, green spaces, museums and galleries. My job and real joy in life is finding these stories, breathing life into them by sharing them with you. So will you stay a while and listen? 

I design private walking tours and for individuals and groups. Everything from walking the streets of the East End during a busy bustling market day to then exploring the vices of Kings and Queens at the National Portrait Gallery. 

If I am not guiding,  I work closely with museums and galleries to interpret their collections to design educational workshops or create events that make their visitors experiences' enjoyable, entertaining and informative. 

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