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I work with museums and historic houses to develop original theatrical events that tell the story and history in an entertaining and educational way.

If you are looking to put on an event that brings your institution attention and engagement get in touch on this page. I'd love to hear your story.  


"I commissioned Felicity to write two public Heritage Tours for Orleans House Gallery, an art gallery and heritage site. I was extremely impressed by Felicity's skills in sourcing relevant information and historical resources to illuminate the stories of our heritage. She went into such depth into researching the stories that she discovered new anecdotes and facts that we hadn't known before, and this made for an extremely interesting and authoritative tour. Felicity has a real skill of bringing historical facts and stories together in a beautiful and smooth narrative that guides the audience through the journey of the tours seamlessly. Her script writing is engaging and playful, in a way that keeps everyone entertained and creates a warm and friendly atmosphere."

Clare Sutton, Orleans House Gallery 

Flic is a joy to work with.   She is professional and accommodating and has delivered a fabulous immersive experience for our visitors.  Her brief was to interpret our exhibition for Museums at Night and create tales of the macabre and she delivered a fantastic event.  Her research was detailed and accurate, but she has managed to make the events both amusing and engaging and, in places, scary.  She is a brilliant dramatist and the actors have been enjoyed both by people who knew a great deal about the history of the collection and those visiting the house for the first time.  The feedback has been very positive and consequently we are continuing to work with Flic on future events.

Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham

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